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Dallas Bay Volunteer Fire Department and Rescue, Inc.

Proudly Serving with Pride, Dedication, and Commitment since 1975!

Welcome to the Dallas Bay Volunteer Fire Department web site. This site is designed to provide you with information about the department, fire prevention activities, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, ISO rating, and our kids corner. We welcome all e-mailed comments or questions. Thanks for visiting!

The Department serves about 28,000 people, and over 9000 homes, businesses, churches and schools in a 30 square mile service territory in the areas of Hixson, Soddy-Daisy, Lakesite, Middle Valley, Hidden Harbor, Ramsgate, Stonewall Farms, Dallas Bay and Falling Water. The Department provides emergency protection and services from the Chattanooga City limit on the south, to Sequoyah Access Road on the north, east to the Tennessee River and west to the Soddy-Daisy City Limit. The Department also has one of two regional fire/rescue boats that are responsible for responding in Homeland Security District 3 in Tennessee which includes Hamilton and 9 surrounding counties.

The Department has 60+ trained fire and medical volunteers on call at all times that respond to from three stations located in the district. Except for the Chief, none of the members or staff of the department is paid, and none receive an allowance for routine expenses. Members use their own vehicles at their expense to respond to the stations, answer calls and participate in training and other department activities such as Station and vehicle/equipment maintenance.

In 2012, your Department spent over 6314 man-hours responding to 1537 both emergency and non emergency calls a record number for the Department.

1115 calls were for first responder emergency medical services

125 calls were for various types of fires.

297 calls were for a variety of other situations, both emergency and non-emergency, e.g. citizen assists, wires down, spills, gas leaks, water rescues, and automatic fire alarms.

The average response time for all calls in our service area was 4 minutes and 23 seconds, a 12 second improvement from last year.

Dallas Bay Volunteer Fire Department receives a small operational allotment from Hamilton County, but the bulk of the operational budget comes our community. We find it necessary to respectfully ask for a tax deductible (501.C.3) payment of $70 per year or $35 twice a year (March and September).

Your tax deductible payment is used for:

o Capital expenditures for property and equipment; operational expenditures for maintenance and fuel.

o Utilities and supplies for the three fire stations and emergency medical supplies.

o Equipment and personal protective gear for fire fighters and rescue personnel. It costs almost $8,000 to completely outfit a firefighter.

o Insurance for vehicles, stations, personnel and equipment.

o Training and community fire prevention education

Thank you for your support as we continue to provide the excellent care and service you deserve.

On a Special Note

Great News!!

Dallas Bay Volunteer Fire Department is proud to announce we have achieved an ISO rating of 3. This is an awesome achievement for a volunteer service. This dream became reality with the leadership of Chief Fritts and the hard work by the volunteers and your continued support by donations and gifts. What does this mean to you? Insurance Service Office (ISO) provides public protection classification for thousands of fire districts across the country. In 2011 there were only 1998 class 3 ratings in the country and only 38 in the state of TN. They are rated on a scale of 1-10 with one being the best. This rating is derived from several factions including water flow and availability, communications, equipment, service area and its make up to name a few. The lower the ISO rating the more money you can save with your home owner insurance premiums. So contact you insurance company and let them know of the new rating.

Learn about our ISO rating here


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